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The Station: How to Tune In to the Right Frequency

Picture for a moment a radio tuner. Now, imagine that there is only one station, the Station, and it is the one and only true source for your inner peace.

When you are tuned into the Station, you experience true peace and inner clarity. Judgement falls away to acceptance and compassion, and separation dissolves into connectedness and selflessness. A silence prevails in your mind where noise usually reigns.

When you adjust the tuner to either the left or the right, up or down, you begin hearing static. Your thoughts begin to rule your mind. You cling to the things around you or the things you wish you had. You see yourself as distinctly separate from the world around you; you are “in your own world”. You are filled with opinions of the events and people around you, constantly labeling and compartmentalizing them into “good” and “bad” categories. Whether you recognize it or not, this is your normal state of being, and you understand the notion of inner peace, but it seems like a distant and unattainable state reserved for a chosen few.

Now, you have probably experienced being completely tuned into the Station at different times in your life, but perhaps you have only felt it in glimpses. Maybe you felt it the moment your first child was born, or the last time you saw a sunrise, or after a moment of intimacy with your lover. However, it’s as if every time you feel “in tune”, someone or something turns the knob, and the feeling is gone. You are left enriched, but yearning for more.

The static represents our suffering as we turn away from being in tune with the Oneness. The static expresses itself in our lives through sickness, disease, “bad luck”, and a general feeling of hopelessness or depression. The static is a life where you never quite seem to have what it is you seek.

On the other hand, the Station represents our ability to receive, experience, and transmit the energy of the Divine. The Station expresses Itself through inner peace, altruism, patience, and unconditional love, and results in a life where things fall into place in an effortless, smooth way.

If we understand the Station as being God consciousness and the static as our suffering state, we can begin the path towards acknowledging where we are at, where we want to be, and ultimately how to get to where we want to be.

So, how do we tune into the Station?

1. The first step is to recognize and acknowledge that the Station, regardless of what we choose to call it or how we tune in, is our one and only option for satisfaction, happiness and inner peace.

2. The second step is to acknowledge your inherent and passionate need to be in tune with the Station, and your willingness to make the appropriate changes in our lives that are necessary to be “tuned in”.

3. The third step is to shed the belief that it is the outside world that is controlling your tuning buttons. You, and only you, choose whether you are tuned into the noise or the Station.

So, if inner peace seems elusive, if your life seems out of sync with what you see is possible, you must ask yourself…what are you tuned into? What are your thoughts directed towards? Are the choices you are making on a daily basis helping you tune in to the Station? Or the static?

You and ONLY YOU have the ability to decide what you tune into, and subsequently how your life expresses itself both inwardly and outwardly.

Follow the 3 steps above, and then begin choosing to tune into the Station, and you will see your life change.

From there, it is merely a process of practice and refinement, like any other thing you might choose to do well in your life…