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The God Standard: How Returning to our Original Currency Can Save Our Spiritual Economy from a Great Depression

There are many problems facing our species at this junction of time and history, and it is easy to focus on many different potential sources: Wall Street, government, politicians, Liberals, Conservatives, taxes, debt, entitlement programs, etc. But, when we take an honest and truthful look at what is at the core of our problems, both locally and globally, we must face the fact that it is our collective, spiritual currency that is at the root of all of our problems.

So, what is spiritual currency? Currency, according to Dictionary.com is defined as: something that is used as a medium of exchange. As we go through our day – every minute of everyday – we are in a constant state of processing information and energy from the various forms of stimuli around us. This includes everything from our co-worker  in the next cubicle to the sounds of a passing train, and everything in between. Spiritual currency is the method by which we “exchange” this information and energy into meaning and purpose in our lives, and how we utilize this information and energy to interact with the world around us. 

The way we interpret and relate to the world around us, our spiritual currency, has dire implications for us as individuals and as a species as a whole. Here’s why…

We live in a society that is spiritually bankrupt and the world we see around us is an exact manifestation of that bankruptcy. In our current system, we employ a spiritual currency that utilizes fear and lack of self-love as a base of existence, and this must be changed if we are ever to manifest the world that we each inherently desire: a world with peace.

When you go to sleep at night, do you ask yourself:

Was I kind?

Was I loving?

Was I patient?

Was I forgiving?

Did I treat people as I would want to be treated?

If you are like most people, you do not ask yourself these questions.

Instead, as we lay at night, we ask questions like:

Why don’t I have enough?

Did I look good today?

Why don’t people listen to me?

When will things go my way?

The second set of questions represents our current spiritual currency – the one that has brought us to a place of suffering as individuals and as a people. It is the currency of deficit, dysfunction and doubt. 

The first set of questions, on the other hand, represents the God Standard – a spiritual currency that has the ability to transform individuals, as well as society, in grand and revolutionary ways. It is the currency of community, cooperation and communion (love).

The God Standard is about seeing people and ourselves for what they are in their hearts. The God Standard is the spiritual currency that refrains from valuing people and ourselves on the basis of how we look, what we have accomplished, how much money we have, who we are associated with, etc.

The God Standard is the rock upon which our inner currency must be based if we are to live happy, sustainable lives – and the only standard upon which a society that is happy and sustainable can be built upon.

Our current trajectory of reckless resource use, misguided morality, greed, materialism, and fear-based culture is pointing towards the only outcome that Nature will allow: an end. The Earth is an organism that will “right” itself of any and all violators of its Truths and we are and continue to be in blatant violation of these Truths.

When man treats himself and his brothers and sisters with the values put forth by our spiritual blueprint, then and only then, will humans begin to change the course of its trajectory. When each of us ends each day by asking ourselves the right questions – and answering them through our actions – we will be making the first investment in a currency that has the power to completely and totally alter the nature of our relationships with our selves and each other.

We can continue to attempt to “change” things through our futile attempts at market manipulation, legislation, war, rules, fences, politics, sanctions, austerity measures, and the like…but sooner or later we must understand that there is only one true path towards a meaningful change in how human beings relate to one another in our various social and political structures…and that is through changing our spiritual currency from one of fear and self-deprivation to one of the God Standard: peace, kindness, charity, forgiveness, love, and non-judgement.

Will you join me in changing your inner currency? 

Are you ready to give up the fear-based existence you are living for one of love and truth?

If you are, join us – we are the “1%” –  in a different, more loving and equitable world.

And someday, if we are courageous and stand together in Spirit, we will be the 99%…


“Where there is Light, darkness cannot exist.”