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(Names have not been included out of respect for privacy.)

“I felt something very relieving.  I felt much “lighter” in every sense.  Like weights or something that was holding me and the heavy feeling around me was gone.  Negativity I was feeling, gone.  It was very noticeable because I only felt ONLY all goodness all around me.”

“My wife has gotten headaches for as long as I’ve known her, 6 years now. They weren’t migraines but they were persistent and now they have vanished.”

“Somehow, I feel that I am in a better mood and am not my usual depressed self.”

“Thank you for your wisdom and generosity. I truly honor the work that you are doing and feel blessed by your guiding Light.”

“I am very thankful for your work last night.  I could definitely feel your energy during, and after.”

“This is definitely your calling. What I appreciated most about your work was that my inner truth was telling me that you were coming from a place of integrity and compassion.”

“After hearing you speak I feel closer to “getting it”. Your words were inspirational in making me want to make a big change in my life and the outlook I have. I wish to practice and focus on what you have shared tonight. I also wish to learn more about the Source so that I can share it with not only myself but the children I work with.”

“Sean you are clearly on your path, connected, are getting the whole picture and I applaud you for all the work you have done!! I can’t wait for you to help others see the “light”. You know that spirit has your back as well. Your the real deal babe and I believe in you completely.”

“I feel very different, like I am myself again- and so much better.  I no longer feel like I did when I wrote you initially.  I wanted to wait a bit to write to you.  The feeling around me is as clear as it was the night this happened.  I’m thinking, talking, feeling, well…everything is more clearly.  Lighter.  Safer.  Positive.”