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The Hopelight Peace Pledge

Is peace in the world really possible?

We believe it is.

We believe that each time an individual takes a step towards peace, all of humanity does as well.

One by one, day by day, we each hold the potential to bring peace to the world by making a commitment to our own personal peace.

The Hopelight Peace Pledge is an opportunity to to begin or renew that promise.

Making this pledge is a powerful way to set your intention and commitment to heal yourself and transform the world from within. 

It is a vow of sorts…so as you read the words, really let them sink in.

Create a feeling of strong intention as you read and sign the pledge.

Be mindful and present…




Thank you for supporting this effort,


Sean Lathrop, Founder and Spiritual Healer

The Hopelight Healing Mission, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting peace on Earth.