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Karen Johnstone, UK, United Kingdom

Please heal my mind I suffer from depression and a neediness I feel I am very co-dependent due to my restrictive and abusive childhood I have found this has effected my relationship I have found a good friend called Matthew please pray that we will grow closer . I suffer from anxiety, thinking the worst, taking things personal and have parents who ridicule me and put me down I have found life a struggle because of this I have even resorted to psychics but have now moved on from this and have built up my spirutual contacts church to help me through. Just recently it was as if I had gone into a deep dark hole and nearly sabataged my relationship with Matt through negativity of others. I am now seeing him on the 15 August and he is looking forward to seeing me and i am looking forward to seeing him please end healing for that day that it will be a lovely day . Pray for my mother and father who are elderly and for protection against negative attacks from anyone or anything to which I am not aware