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“How to Get Rid of Ghosts” by Sean Lathrop

Getting rid of ghosts or spirits in a home is a problem of concern for many people. I am going to attempt to describe the process through which someone can get rid of ghosts. But first, what is a ghost?

A ghost is the spirit of a deceased person or animal that has not gone to the Light. Instead, they are stuck in what can only be described as a purgatory…unable to speak or touch those that they love, unable to indulge in the senses, unable to enjoy the simple things of an earthly life. Imagine being in a dream where you see all the people and things that you love, but nobody can see or hear you, and you can’t interact with anything. No taste of the delicious food you see. No smell of flowers or the scent of comfortable surroundings. Hell. This is the existence of an earthbound spirit.

So, how to get rid of a ghost? Ultimately, a ghost must be convinced that there is a better place, and then be given a path to get there. Undoubtedly, this better place is the Light. Some people may refer to this as God. Or Heaven. It doesn’t really matter what you call It. This may seem simple, but to get rid of a ghost, one has to understand the nature of the earthbound spirit. This is something that many ghost hunters and paranormal detectives often miss.

Ghosts in homes are like a child alone in a dark room. They are incredibly afraid and will not trust anyone unless they are absolutely sure of their trustworthiness. The secret on how to get rid of spirits is understanding this key factor, and then being able to exemplify the Light in such a way that the spirit has someone to work with that he or she can trust fully. It is then, and only then, that it is truly possible to remove a ghost from your home.

To get rid of ghosts in your home, I suggest the following:

1. In the evening, light a candle in a dark room. Make sure it is quiet in your home and there are no electronic devices on (such as a computer or TV).

2. Bring to your consciousness a feeling of great love. Think about your first child being born, or the love you had for your parents as a child, or when you first fell in love with your mate. Do not move on to the next step until you have achieved a feeling of great and unbounded love (if you are moved to tears, do not be concerned, this is good).

3. Now, while maintaining this feeling, “send” this love to the ghost in your house, inviting it to feel your love. Do not be afraid, the “child in the dark” will not refuse this kind of treatment.

4. Tell the spirit in your house that the love it is feeling from you is the love of the Light and that it can go there right now. Gently encourage it.

5. Maintain this feeling for as long as you can, focusing on connecting with the ghost.

6. If the ghost goes to the Light, you should feel a sense of relief. Your space should feel subtly more peaceful.

As I have said, to get rid of a ghost is not an easy task, and often it is left to those who have a strong spiritual practice and a background in shamanism or healing. (Some very experienced healers can get rid of ghosts in absence, using distance healing techniques.) Even a low-activity ghost in the house can cause a subtle feeling of uneasiness that may or may not be noticeable to many…but once you do get rid of ghosts, most people report a feeling of peace that is a welcome change.