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Glad Azor, Ottawa, ON

My whole life is falling apart. I am at the end of my rope, for years I thought the reasons my life was so hard, difficult and exhausting was because I had an abusive and neglected childhood but I just discovered that the problem why is because some people threw some black magics on me, so no matter what I do my life is getting worse and worse. I have all these physical symptoms but the doctors cannot find nothing, my whole body is burning as if I was in a fire, I have blisters it’s not allergies but there is nothing doctors can do. I tried to do good, and every thing I can to inprove my life despite that my life is sucks. Nothing seems to work. Please I am so desperate I do not know where to turn and what else to do, I know deep down something is wrong, but I don’t know what to there are times I just want to die but I know that killing myself is not the solution yet I am running of options PLEASE HELP ME.