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Ghost Removal

My name is Sean Lathrop and I am the founder of The Hopelight Healing Mission – a nonprofit dedicated to energy healing.

Over the last several years, I have perfected a unique process for removing ghosts and other spiritual activity from homes. If you are in need a professional, effective healer to clear spiritual energy from your home, please look no further. There are many people – from priests to shamans – who claim to be able to help, yet I have heard countless stories about people wasting money with individuals who really do not understand how to truly help ghosts and spirits cross over.

Call me now to arrange a session at: 845-688-4115

Testimonials from past clients:

“I felt something very relieving.  I felt much “lighter” in every sense.  Like weights or something that was holding me and the heavy feeling around me was gone.  Negativity I was feeling, gone.  It was very noticeable because I only felt ONLY all goodness all around me.”

Let me tell yow I am  not feeling that burning sweating feelings. anymore It is unbelievable!!!!!!. I don’t know what you did last night but what ever you did it worked!!!!!!!.”

“I am very thankful for your work last night.  I could definitely feel your energy during, and after.” 

“I feel very different, like I am myself again- and so much better. I no longer feel like I did when I wrote you initially. I wanted to wait a bit to write to you. The feeling around me is as clear as it was the night this happened. I’m thinking, talking, feeling, well…everything is more clear. Lighter. Safer. Positive.”