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G. Boyle, Medford MA

Please pray for my dad,the best most unselfish man I’ve ever met,to his 5 kids,selfish wife,society and so much to charities,god and I could go on. He was diagnosed w prostate cancer and he’s been my rock my whole life,I’m the youngest of five,his little girl. Always been so protective over me and never has given up on me with my disease of addiction that started so young for me….I fight daily and all I want is a happy life and make it to make him proud! He is the most beautiful man on this planet and I love him so much. I would greatly beyond anything appreciate your prayers for he and my disease! The worst disease u could have,the mental devil that wants you dead, he won’t win w me though although he’s been trying forever,I feel him giving up and for once I’m gaining control and can see, thank you all and god bless all