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Free Healing Testimonials

(Names have been removed for privacy)

“I am so glad you sent me the first 5 session through your email which touched my heart and instantly made me a different person. I feel so different and am so grateful to you.”

“This was awesome! Thank you for putting it so simple. I’m trying to learn all this way of thinking and feeling. Can’t wait for more!!”

“Since reading through your daily readings, I quit smoking! Something I had been doing for almost half my life, 14yrs.”

“Thanks so much Sean for the ‘insights’. They are great to read and implement in my life. My most grateful thanks for the healing too.”

“Hi Sean! I wanted to thank you for the healing energy that was sent to me. My days flowed so smoothly and everything was peaceful.”

“Thank you so very much.  I am grateful for your teachings and for the healing.”

“Thank You for your time, I am much better, before I used to have a very explosive reaction when I did sit-ups or stomache exercises, now I just get a small upset stomach, Thank you.”

“Stellar guidance that I am now regularly incorporating into daily life/living.”

“Sean, I SO sincerely appreciate your highly detailed responses, info, guidance, efforts and healing energies.”

“Thank you so much for taking your time to send me this information and healing, I have read each day and sometimes reread the day be fore’s. It makes perfect sense to me and is helping greatly, I will continue to work on this for myself.”