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Ferdinand Ordonia , Hawaii, United States

Ferdinand has been suffering from a spirit possession, last stage of a black/voodoo magic that has been started maybe since the 1990 upto to the present. The last stage symptoms are cancer of the blood or any organ/part of the body, kidney malfunction, no more medicines on it therefore the Dr is tempted to give a higher dose. Tempted of suicidal due of so many frustration of any kind.
Ferdinand was first diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma way back Dec 26, 2012, was on remission for the whole year of 2013. He went vacation Phillippines Feb 2014, when he came back Hawaii, his cancer came back up to now. Dr Sumida, Oncologist of Queens Med Center tried 3 different kinds of chemo drugs but it didn’t work on him. It has a year since he started the chemo therapy but its seems like the enemies never like him to get heal. His white goes up so fast causing his red blood, hemoglobin, hematocrit, platelet and many more blood works not going on a normal level. His kidneys are end-stage, malfunctioning causing him having no appetite to eat, causing to lost weight fast. His facial looks, eyes, skin, muscle, nerves changed it from being handsome to an ugly looks now. Kindly please help us pray for the release of Ferdinand’s spirit from the hands of the enemies, Noranida Gappi & her family, Lehneer Tactacan & his associates. Teodoro & Pacita Fernandes influenced Lehneer Tactacan to do harm on us especially on to my husband causing him to stay home from work since Oct 2014 up to now. Let us help pray for the healing of his kidney that’s now on a malfunctioning condition. Me, our 3 kids are also a victim of a black magic for so long but I pray daily for our protection daily. My children names, Franz-Geoffrey, Geselle-Feye, & Gian-Odyssey Ordonia. My parents also needs healing, the memory of father, some discomfort pain allover his body, my mom’s blood pressure daily is so high. Please help us pray for for a continues healing for all of us, most especially on Ferdinand Ordonia. Thanks & God bless u all!

Grace Ordonia