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Cheryl Majikes, Philadelphia, PA

Please, pray with and for me; I had head trauma im 2003, I was a Nurse and lost my ability to calculate math and have short term memory problems. I have not had an income since 2003. I am hurting financially. I have two children and need a Financial Miracle. I have had two cars repossessed and I am losing my home to foreclosure. I have so much anxiety, I can’t sleep from worry about being homeless. My husband needs to find a job; all he does is fight with me, I am depressed ,sad and hurting. I need Peace and to be happy amd tranquil again. Please pray for me, we are living in squalor and poverty. Thank you for remembering me. I send you love, light and blessings… Thank you for your prayers. I need healing, peace, joy and a financial blessing to save my home. I need my marriage restored to peaceful living conditions. I just want my husband to love me again and stop fighting with me and respect me again. I am paralyzed on the! lft. side of my face the accident and the head trauma, I can’t smile. Please, help me… a hurting earth angel with a broken wing… C.M.