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Chakra Balancing

My name is Sean Lathrop and I am the founder of The Hopelight Healing Mission, a non-profit dedicated to forwarding energy healing.

For over 15 years I have been helping people open, balance, and heal their chakras through one-on-one phone healing sessions. If you are interested in benefitting from having your chakras open and balanced, please call the number below to find out more or to schedule your session: 845-688-4115



“I feel truly blessed and so grateful to have the opportunity to work through these issues and get rid of the false feelings and perceptions I have of myself once and for all. I know I will have some more work to do on this in the weeks to come but I feel so lucky to have been given the gift of knowing what I need to do.”

“I felt that you were very intuitive regarding 2 things you picked up on during our chakra work. I also feel those 2 things were at the core of my reason for meeting with you. Not saying they were the ONLY issues, but certainly very strong factors. I mean this sincerely. Your intuiting that information confirmed to me that you are gifted in that area. Thank you”

“This is definitely your calling.”

“Your insight and suggestions were very helpful to me. I have already found more of an inner peace within myself. Keep shining your light onto others, and if you need any help with spreading your work, I will be glad to help in any way I can. I am so glad that I met you on my path…although I feel it was meant to be so.”