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Soon this page will be filled with many articles about spiritual healing, peace, and more.

Hi,I am asking if u could pray for my wife cynthia, she has multiple severe health problems,the one I would ask u for is her left lower leg it is huge with liphodema, and the ankle and front is infected, and is releasing fluid with broken skin, the pain is unreal, so much so she would gladly allow her leg to be removed, thank you Bob.o

my health my sons lives.. my finances

I am posting for my friend, Donna. She has lymphoma cancer and chemo isn’t helping. We are looking for alternative healing methods. All prayers are greatly appreciated.

Praise The LORD!
My husband Sam took some weight loss pills & it injured his 2 kidneys.He is on dialysis for 3 times a week.please pray for total healing of his 2 kidneys & total healing in his body to free from dialysis.also please pray for docs & techs who are discouraging us with their negative thouhts.But we beleive GOD is greater than our problems.Amen

I am requesting a physical healing for my heart as I was diagnosed with a heart murmur (leaky valve). Please pray for my emotional healing as well.

Please Heal my mother 76 Rio Lowe who has Alzheimer’s no longer speaks nor remembers her family. I also ask for myself a healing from financial burden.

aches and pains in my body, hindering me in my daily life/sleeping patterns etc and also my little grandaughter Maggie to help with her alergies excema and digestive problems.Thank you.

Please send healing to Ricky for a full recovery after a kidney transplant, that his body doesn’t reject it and he be restored to full health and vitality.

i would pray more be kind and caring

To creat a positive mind and instill positive solutions to all who will listen..

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