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Soon this page will be filled with many articles about spiritual healing, peace, and more.

I pledge to be an example for the bettering of humanity.

I’ve seldom been financially comfortable and independant. Some thing is blocking these blessings and I don’t know why or how to unblock this area of myself. please send healing energies and insight.

Iam missing my mum that recently died,and struggling with motivation in life,selfworth and feeling vspiritualy vulnerable and alone with also recent relationship breakup,so abandenment and rejection,thanks

Please pray for my father, Abe, who is suffering from congestive heart failure. He is in the last stages, but I believe in miracles and know he can be healed…Thank you for your prayers!

I came from a very bad family in Nigeria but right now i base in Abidjan, Ivory Coast nothing is working in my life i need your help

I am not going to let the past ruin my future i am letting go and not looking back

I pledge to allow peace and joy remain in my heart through meditation and to communicate to others throughout the world to love and be at peace with themselves.

I would be so grateful to be held in prayer and light, as I am suffering with Post Natal Depression, and possibly depression.
Being a single mum, has made this harder.
I am keen to try and better myself and heal with positive energy.
Any help would be so gratefully recieved.
Thank you x

Please Heal my mother Rio Lowe who has Alzheimer’s and cannot speak nor remembers her family. I also ask for myself a healing from financial burden.

My mind from hearing voices.
It terrible to think im disabled at 24 but the truth is i am.

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