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Soon this page will be filled with many articles about spiritual healing, peace, and more.

There is a battle in my heart and mind mind wearing me down fear anxiety doubt for years i walk through these healing parts of myself finding that wich heals me .at the moment i feel that the many chattering s drag me down i pull out into my core into my stillness it feels like a battle for my my faith my belief in the greater struggling 🙁 in love

Praise to the Supreme Power and Angels, Trinity, Holy Spirits and Spiritual healers, guides, masters etc..

I require healing for my personal and proffessional growth

I feel someone has blocked my happiness and smiles

Thanks to all


healing prayer for my father who has cancer and finacial blessings for myself, help with finding a job in my new career path

Emotional Healing, Depression , low self esteem, possible addiction.

I have had an unknown issue for 25 years that results in my lower legs and feet being permanently swollen. I have pursued many medical and natural modalities for a solution, but without success. I believe I need energy healing to release blockages and allow my body to function as it should. Would you please help?

I pledge peace and love among all peoples.

Be present in the moment. Not let my expectations ruin my peace in the moment.

I pledge to become fearless and be courageous. I wish peace and love for all of creation.i pledge to develop more self love.i pledge to recognize any self sabotaging behavior and transform it to love.

To help others on their journey to peace within.To be a reflection of Unconditional love

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