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Soon this page will be filled with many articles about spiritual healing, peace, and more.

praise the lord, pl pray for my son aashish healing for nephrotic syndrome, protein leaks in urine, jesus i our healer, thank u and may lord bless u all.

Help in healing and removing any and all negativity and addictions out of my soul and my family soul. Ready for the old pure life we moved lived. Need strength and help in overcoming our blocks.

I have suffered from psychosis for about 7-8 months now, I am on medication and I am starting to look into alternative ways of healing. My illness was getting better but recently it has got worse. It is such a painful thing to go through. I would appreciate it so much if you would help me out. I am aware health is linked to many things, so general healing may be useful. If you have any advice as to where I could go to get some spiritual healing, please let me know!

I am committed to freedom from Slavery, my limiting judgements of self and others my breaks of Integrity for short term gratification. I am committed to creating and generating peace and freedom .

Continue my fight with alcohol in order to bring peace and prosperity to my Family.
Create an even greater relationship between The Divine, The Angels and myself.

guard my tongue from evil and my lips from speaking deceitfully,turn away from evil and do good, seek peace and pursue it. See all acts of creation as good, respect by avoiding that which would hurt.

WORK TO LET GO OF MY ANXIETIES AND FEARS. I want to feel inner peace.

To build a spiritual place of divine healing and light. A sanctuary of peace and hope, of love and enlightment.

I am losing my faith as I continue to pray and look for healing and guidance and meaning and I am finding nothing but more loss of hope. Please help I have no hope in anything anymore.

Please heal my mind I suffer from depression and a neediness I feel I am veru co-dependent due to my restrictive and abusive childhood I have found this has effected my relationship I have found a good friend called Matthew please pray that we will grow closer . I suffer from anxiety, thinking the worst, taking things personal and have parents who ridicule me and put me down I have found life a struggle because of this I have even resorted to psychics but have now moved on from this and have built up my spirutual contacts church to help me through. Just recently it was as if I had gone into a deep dark hole and nearly sabataged my relaytuionship with Matt through negativity of others. I am now seeing him on the 15 August and he is looking forward to seeing me and i am looking forward to seeing him please end healing for that day that it will be a lovely day . Pray for my mother and father who are elderly and for protection against negative attacks from anyone or anything to which I am not aware

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