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Soon this page will be filled with many articles about spiritual healing, peace, and more.

My soul, my spirit that has been battered as a result of my life experiences. I want it back. I want to be the loving soul that I came into this world to be.

My liver, suspected cirrhosis and pain associated. Also extreme fatigue and also candidiasis.

I am seeking healing from rectal Cancer.

Lower back, Shoulders and wrist joints. Thank you very much. Ilse

Heart and alignment of chakras.

I have recently gone sober from a bad benzodiazapene addiction/heavy use of other drugs. I have been battling the withdrawls and recovery process much on my own because of lack of money and insurance. I have come a long way and done very well so far but I’m finding it to be harder as the… read more

Medically untreatable non-Hodgkin lymphoma. She is only 35, with an 11 year old son. She needs prayers and healing.

I would like to have the stress that causes my daily migraine headaches,tension to go away and be protected from all the evil I encounter on a daily basis especially at work from my direct Supervisor she is so mean to everyone, makes all of us at work so stressed. I’ve gained a lot of… read more

My cousin is paralyzed after an accident to his head 2 years ago and his right hand and right foot is not moving and he is constantly in pain.

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