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Soon this page will be filled with many articles about spiritual healing, peace, and more.

I have had chronic severe digestive issues for 30 some years. I can’t eat anything withoutpain….I’m literally starving… this has affected my finances. I’m in a dire financial debt. I’m praying you cAn help. Forever grateful

I have a very large basal cell carcinoma on my face and all the way into my nasal cavity. I have sticky blood and lumps also. Please send prayers for total healing. Thank you.

I think my former wife put black magic on me and I have been suffering all sorts of pains in the knees, feet, legs and back. Please help me get rid of this curse.

My lungs, my eyesight, my weight and my hair is falling out

I will choose peace.

her severe pain migraines,ankylosing spondiltys, anxiety,her relation with husband

I’m having stabbing pains in the middle and right side of my lower abdomen. I also need help with an issue of over eating, which causes bloating and hurt.

I have pains in my stomach for over 9 months and been praying to God for healing..Please pray with me

please heal my husband who had a stroke early this year which has affected his left side of his body and balance and it is breaking my heart to see him like this, he said he needs an injection of hope, could this be you, i hope so, thank you.

had a stroke may 1st 2011 lost my left side also lost my wife 9/7/2012meed help to get over them both

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