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Soon this page will be filled with many articles about spiritual healing, peace, and more.

I will continue to see beauty in the world and encourage others when I’m discouraged. I will be and give the Love n Light I wish for. I will embrace who I am so I can help give hope. There is hope

I will choose peace and be the peace I would like to see in my world

Throwing stone to river, we witness waves project outwards,&Same is said for thought.Keep a steady,vigilant path,&send out positive vibrations.May I please act as beacon to lost ships in dark waters.

I pledge to persevere in discovering my inner king and exploring the profundity of this temporary existence, to bring peace to myself and those close to me.

Being more thoughtful in words i say towards others. Inspiring family and the community. Sending healing energy to others in need. Finding peace within myself each day i walk beside Mother Gaia.

To accept myself completely, to let go of all judgement and criticism.
To love and respect my family and all people that I come in contact with.
To be an instrument of God’s love on earth.

To be at peace within myself and being in all situations. Bring peace and hope to anyone who is struggling to be at peace within themselves in my family, neighbourhood, community and world at large.

Continue express love to myself and others. Learning daily towards betterment of self and humanity.

A daily spiritual practice. Learn and share truth and knowledge. Heal and teach as it is needed. Advocate for Gaia and her most vulnerable children. Be an agent of love, peace, and joy at all times.

I need to be able to think and reason. Cleanse my mind of all sin and pestilence -remove a kalediscope in my mind in order to provide a healing to my people. Marianna Worthington aka ANDROMEDA email is old waiting after my healing to be in touch with you later there wasn’t an address to mail a donation to thank you –prayers do help

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