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About The Hopelight Mission

The Hopelight Healing Mission is dedicated to promoting peace around the Earth through the awareness and advancement of spiritual and energetic healing. The Mission was founded in December of 2009 and is a nonprofit.

It is our belief that we will not see the collective peace that we desire until we live in a world filled with people at peace within themselves. Therefore, The Hopelight Healing Mission seeks to create a movement and voice for the advancement of our ultimate goal: world peace through personal peace.

We believe that each of us has been born into this world as a Divine expression, and that our suffering originates in falsely believing we are something other than that. We think that the time is ‘now’ for each of us to reclaim our true spiritual heritage and live happy, whole lives.

Our mission is to clear some of the debris that litters the path back home.

We believe that all people – including those of limited finances – should have access to energy healing and spiritual healing resources.

Sean Lathrop, founder of The Hopelight Healing Mission, is an inter-faith minister and healer, husband, and father of 5 children.

Sean and his wife Kayti are working together to raise their family and spread a message of peace and self-love through this mission.

The Hopelight Healing Mission is a tax-exempt nonprofit 501(c)(3).


“Where there is Light, darkness cannot exist.”