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The Hopelight Peace Pledge

Is peace in the world really possible?

We believe it is.

We believe that each time an individual takes a step towards peace, all of humanity does as well.

One by one, day by day, we each hold the potential to bring peace to the world by making a commitment to our own personal peace.

The Hopelight Peace Pledge is an opportunity to to begin or renew that promise.   

Making this pledge is a powerful way to set your intention and commitment to heal yourself and transform the world from within. 

It is a vow of sorts…so as you read the words, really let them sink in.

Create a feeling of strong intention as you read and sign the pledge.

Be mindful and present…




Thank you for supporting this effort,


Sean Lathrop, Founder

The Hopelight Healing Mission, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting peace on Earth.