Welcome to the Hopelight Healing Mission

Founded in 2009 by spiritual healer Sean Lathrop, The Hopelight Healing Mission is a non-profit dedicated to promoting peace on Earth through the advancement of spiritual healing and energetic healing. 

We believe that world peace cannot materialize unless the world is filled with people at peace within themselves.

Therefore, our goal is to act as a resource and inspiration for spiritual healing and healing energy around the world, and to connect individuals who are interested in working towards a more peaceful planet by taking part in their own spiritual healing.

(If you came to this site searching for spiritual healers, Sean Lathrop has been channeling healing energy for over 15 years and offers one-on-one distance phone healing sessions. For more information on his healer energy, please check out his website HealerEnergy.com for more info.)

Here’s a quick overview of some of the great things we offer:

The Hopelight Peace Pledge, is a free, online tool that creates intention and commitment in individuals who seek to begin or renew their path towards inner peace and healing. You can also check out The Peace Wall and find inspiring words from folks all over the world who have committed to peace through healing themselves.

With The Hopelight Healing Project, founder and spiritual healer Sean Lathrop offers a free, powerful email series entitled, “How To Heal Yourself From Within”.  Whether you are in need of a spiritual healer, or are looking to become a spiritual healer, this series is sure to help you along your way. In the near future, there will be many additional free healing resources on this page as well.

And before you go, please take a moment to visit The Hopelight Healing Room – the world’s first online ‘healing room’ – where we invite our global community to pray and send healing energy for the healing of the individuals listed. We encourage you to take part and join us in sending healing energy to the individuals who have requested help.

We are making changes everyday, so please check back often!

If for some reason you do not find what you are looking for, or would like to discuss something directly, please feel free to go to the Contact and get in touch.


Peace and Light,

Sean Lathrop, Healer

The Hopelight Healing Mission, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting peace on Earth through the advancement of spiritual healing and energetic healing.